Why You Need More Than An MBA To Succeed

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers the innovative International StartUp 360° MBA program that opens the doors to a thriving career

Did you know that in the United States alone, nearly 200,000 students are awarded a Master's degree in business every year? It’s pretty crowded out there.

What can you do to get an edge? How do you differentiate yourself from the crowd and get a head start in the business world? Worldwide, business schools offer programs generally composed of similar prerequisite courses in accounting, marketing, management, etc. However, nowadays in our ever-changing world driven by dynamic innovation and entrepreneurship - this basic skill set is simply not enough anymore. MBA education should not be limited to regular classroom business courses. It should encompass a wealth of practical hands-on, know-how tools for negotiation, business entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.

Hands-on Experience - The Key to Success

When studying innovation - talk is not enough. You have to live it, breathe it, and experience it. The business world is not in a classroom, and innovation only comes about when you can experiment, fail and move forward. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s StartUp 360° MBA program was designed with exactly that in mind. Through its Trans-Disciplinary Innovation Program (TIP), the intense six-week internship, you’ll gain an understanding of what makes the Startup Nation tick. Get placed at leading high-tech, financial and business consulting firms like LinkedIn, Amdocs and Intel. There, you’ll receive one-on-one coaching from the program's staff on how to put theory to practice, and complete the program with a full toolkit of knowledge and experience to excel in your career.

In addition to gaining skills and tools, you’ll acquire a success-oriented mindset. Living in Israel – which has a unique and highly-adaptive business culture – provides students with firsthand experience in developing a leader's attitude consisting of the ability to take initiative, think outside the box and come up with solutions - skills that Israeli entrepreneurs have mastered to perfection.

A World-Renowned Institution

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is ranked as one of the world's Top 100 institutions for research and higher education, with courses taught by top-ranking professors in their respective fields. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s International StartUp 360° MBA is taught by internationally-acclaimed experts, supplemented with lectures and workshops from inspiring leaders in business.

It’s Not Just About Business

When launching a business, whether for yourself or for others - your value is determined not only by your skills and professional experience, but also by what you “bring to the table” as an individual.

The city of Jerusalem is not only a hub for entrepreneurs and innovators, but also a junction for culture and faith, old and new, heritage and innovation - the perfect place to step out of your comfort zone and test your boundaries - intellectually and personally.

Living and studying abroad is one of the most valuable and enriching experience in a student’s life. This is an opportunity to broaden your horizons to a foreign language and to embrace a new culture, all the while shaping your personal identity.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Is investing in your future a priority? Would you like to have the best opportunities for a thriving career? The International StartUp 360° MBA offers you the knowledge, skills and experience you need to get ahead of the competition. A Master's degree from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem comes with expertise skills in business and hands-on experience, through its unique internship program that gets you up close and personal with the Startup Nation’s leaders. You’ll be offered the experience of a lifetime, a new perspective, the opportunity to gain real professional skills, an edge, and new career prospects. The International StartUp 360° MBA is the perfect springboard to start ahead and dive into a successful career!