MA in Human Rights and Transitional Justice
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MA in Human Rights
Transitional Justice
MA in Human Rights and Transitional Justice

The MA in Human Rights and Transitional Justice is a 1-year program that gives students a unique perspective on the study of human rights in the contemporary international arena. Using the Middle East conflict as a reference point, the program encourages students with backgrounds in Political Science, International Relations and related fields to critically examine international law norms and their function to similar conflicts and resolutions.

Flagship of Legal Research
Flagship of Legal Research

The MA program is offered by the law faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The faculty is ranked 28 in the world and is responsible for positioning most of the leadership of the Israeli legal system, including past and present Supreme Court Justices. Our research work, which involves developments in legal theory with a global application and more practical oriented study of law from critical and comparative perspectives, is regularly published in the world's top law journals and publishing houses.

Experience Jerusalem Hands-on
Experience Jerusalem Hands-on

Jerusalem, a city with a rich and ongoing history of diversity and conflict, demonstrates dealing systematically and creatively with intricate issues of international human rights and transitional justice. The city allows students to explore hands-on analyses of topical issues both regional and international in the context of conflict resolution.

Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities

The program provides ideal training for those who seek a career in human rights, transitional justice, and conflict resolution. By gaining the necessary tools to analyze these issues, our graduates have gone onto secured positions at international human rights organizations, NGOs, and various institutions affiliated with the global legal system.

World-Renowned Faculty

We pride ourselves on the leading professors that are part our Faculty of Law. From domestic to international legal systems, our staff is comprised of legal professionals who have spearheaded movements on the global stage of human rights and have served on international committees of transitional justice and international affairs such as the UN human rights committee and the ICRC.


Please note that the tuition does not include additional expenses such as cost of books, internships, etc.

Prof. Ruti Teitel

  • Ernst C.Stiefel Professor of Comparative Law at New York Law School

Prof. Yuval Shany

  • Vice-Chair, UN Human Rights Committee

Prof. Malcolm Shaw

  • Member of the Commercial Bar Association (COMBAR) and of the International Law Association.

Prof. Robbie Sabel

  • UN Fellow, Hague Academy of International Law.


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