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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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Why Choose Hebrew University

Academic Excellence

Consistently ranked among the Global Top-100, Hebrew University is Israel's premier academic and research institution.

Study in English

Join a top-rated global program, taught in English, with access to learning Hebrew and other international courses.

Jerusalem Vibe

Explore Jerusalem's rich mix of ancient history and modern innovation, creating a dynamic and contrasting cityscape.


We offer various scholarship opportunities, encompassing merit-based, need-based, and country-of-origin criteria.

Jerusalem Culture & Tradition

Jerusalem is a vibrant city filled with warm colors, diverse cultures, and friendly faces. Explore its unique neighborhood charm and experience a mix of traditions shaped by its rich history, and people from different religions and parts of the world.

Academic Collaborations

Hebrew University collaborates with global partners and institutions on joint research initiatives, teaching programs, and educational workshops. Such partnerships cultivate global collaborative efforts beneficial for building a supportive international and academic network.

Global Campus

Study abroad in an enriching and dynamic environment, offering unique support, diverse extracurricular activities, and fostering connections with international students. Access renowned professionals while experiencing one of the world's major startup hubs.

HUJI Student Life

Engage firsthand with the local community and experience the unique warmth of Israeli culture. Volunteer, pursue internships, or join community projects to deepen your connection with the people and the vibrant landscape of Israel.

Israel Experience

Explore the diverse array of attractions in Israel, from world-famous historical sites to floating in the Dead Sea, hiking in the Negev Desert, marveling at the Baha’i Gardens, or savoring sunsets in Tel Aviv only 40 minutes away. With something for everyone, Israel guarantees an endless array of memorable experiences.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Business has seen a significant technological revolution in recent decades. Our ASPER-HUJI Innovate Center equips you with essential services to navigate entrepreneurial trends, while supporting your own startup growth, leveraging Israel's expertise as the Startup Nation.

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