Founded by
Albert Einstein
8 Nobel Prizes
2 Turing Prizes
1 Fields Medal
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our graduate programs

Faculty of Medicine
- International MPH program, School of Public Health
- MSc in Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Dental Medicine
- MSc, PhD in Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine
- MSc, PhD Programs, School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Agriculture, Food & Environment
- MSc in Plant Sciences
- MSc in Animal Sciences
- MSc in Environmental Quality Sciences
- MSc in Nutritional Sciences
- MSc in Viticulture and Enology (Winemaking)
- MSc in Agroecology & Plant Health
- MSc in Animal & Veterinary Science
- MSc in Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition
- MSc in Environmental Economics & Management
- MSc in Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment
- MSc in Field and Vegetable Crops
- MSc in Genetics & Breeding
- MSc in Horticulture
- MSc in Soil and Water Sciences
- MSc in Veterinary Public Health
Faculty of Science
- MSc, PhD Programs in Physics
- MSc, PhD Programs in Chemistry
- MSc, PhD Programs in Life Sciences
- PhD in Bioengineering
- MSc, PhD Programs in Mathematics
- PhD in Brain Sciences
School of Business Administration
- International StartUp 360° MBA Program
Faculty of Humanities
- MA in China Studies
- MA in Jewish Education
- MA in Jewish Studies
- MA in Bible and the Ancient Near East
- MA in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
- PhD in Jewish Education
Faculty of Law
- LLM in Human Rights and International Law
- MA in Law with Specialization in Human Rights and Transitional Law
Faculty of Social Sciences
- MA in "Glocal" - International Development Studies
- MA in Israel Studies
- MA Program in Contemporary Germany:
Politics, Society and Culture
- MA in Conflict Research, Management
and Resolution
School of Social Work & Social Welfare
- MA in Non Profit Management and Leadership
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